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Flo CMS Content Management Systems for Web Designers

Flo CMS offers easy integration and options to allow web designers without knowledge of server side languages or even HTML forms to still offer their client the use of a powerful Content Management System.

Not only you will be adding value to your websites by providing your clients with a way to update their content by themselves but you will also be provided with a unique tool allowing you to manage vital parts of the site yourself in one central location.

There is no software or server components to install, simply some files to be uploaded and a database to be created. We will configure the files for you and in most cases will create your database and related elements, or will provide you with all you need to do it yourself.

Integrating the CMS to your site page or pages is easy with pre built elements to be copied to your pages. The CMS offers you a choice to run the site with one template and change the content with each link or create any number of pages. You can create any number of templates as you would like for each site and there is no limit on the number of pages, contact forms etc you can create.

Flo CMS is available in several different versions allowing you to cater for virtually all type of websites.

For information on the functionalities and integration please click here.


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