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Flo CMS for Brochure websites

CMS for brochure websitesFlo CMS for Brochure Websites is ideal for any site featuring mostly information on services or limited number of products etc.
It includes a number of tools allowing site owners and administrators to take their site to a different level and manage it with ease.

Flo CMS for Brochure Websites is our standard version, therefore all its functionalities will be included in the other, more advanced versions of Flo CMS.
As an example, this site, is a brochure website as it includes information, a small number of products and is entirely manageable from the content management system.
To understand more what a content management system is or can bring you, we recommend reviewing our introduction.

The following functionalities are included in Flo CMS for Brochure Websites:

  • Login facility with password recovery system.
    You will be able to login from anywhere using your web browser.
  • CMS users management
    Several users can be added to allow them to work on the Content Management System including administrator access level and staff access level. The system will also track logins.
  • Pages management and creation
    Allowing you to change the content of your pages including styling text, headers and other text elements, creating links to your own pages, uploaded documents or external pages, uploading and managing images on your pages, managing the various areas your page may have and much more such as meta tags and page title for the search engines etc.
    The system will also allow you to create new pages with ease choosing from predefined templates.
  • Document upload
    Upload and manage documents to your site, for instance PDF or Word documents, application forms etc. Those can be linked with ease from your pages.
  • News section management
    Add news elements, manage existing news, current and archive section and news ticker.
  • Contact forms management
    Manage and create your own contact forms, for instance reservation enquiries, job applications etc.
  • Help and FAQ sections management
    Manage an help and/or FAQ section with categorised FAQ’s, link to answers etc
  • Links page management
    Manage your own links pages and exchange links to improve your search engine ranking.
  • Image gallery management
    Manage your own image galleries, categorise your pictures. The system creates thumbnails for you and includes link to larger images with description.
  • Google™ API Map management
    Create and manage your own interactive map using Google™ API Map
  • XML site map management for Google™ search engine
    Create and manage an XML site to be registered on Google webmaster tools (For search engine optimisation)
  • Global elements management
    Manage elements which are repeated on all your site or on sections of your site such as links bar, footer etc (Depending on how your web designer as created your site)
  • Back up section
    All important changes you make are backed up, should you require to revert to a previous version it is possible (you may have to contact your web designer or ourselves to do so)

The Content Management System also includes a number of other features such as links to email accounts online, link to server statistics (if available), password change facility, back up of enquiries coming from the site etc.

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